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Mole Viper
Scientific Name: Atracaspis microlepidota

Common Name: Burrowing Viper

Size: Average 55 centimeters, maximum 75 centimeters

Appearance: Uniformly black or dark brown with a small, narrow head

Venom: Its venom is a potent hemotoxin for such a small snake

Behavior: It has a rather inoffensive disposition; however, it will quickly turn and bite if restrained or touched

Distribution: Sudan, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda, Cameroon, Niger, Congo, and Urundi

Habitat: Agricultural areas and arid localities


Fang Facts:
A viper that does not look like one. It is small in size, and its small head does not indicate the presence of venom glands
Its fangs are exceptionally long
A bite can result even when picking it up behind the head. It is best to leave this snake alone.
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