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Vine Snake
Scientific Name: Ahaetulla nasutus

Common Name: Asian Whip Snake


- Adult: 1m
- When Born: 20 cm

Average: 2 m (Female)

Mildly Venomous Snake

Appearance: They have a slender but long body with a pointed head. The pointed beak-like nose and the horizontal eye slit is characteristic of these snakes. Its head is the same width as its body. The under side of the body is light green or yellow. When threatened it flattens its entire body to exhibit the white and black color present between the scales. They are so completely blended in their surrounding environment that they are almost invisible

Behavior: Vine snakes are arboreal, and are active during the day and night. During summer, they can be seen forming a huge ball of snakes, where in around 5-6 snakes gather together

Distribution: Found all over India, except in the northwest and parts of the Gangetic plain. They may occur at elevation of about 2500 mts. They are also foung in China and much of southeast Asia, including many Pacific islands

Habitat: These snakes prefer low bushes and trees

Diet: The vine snake feeds mainly on baby birds and lizards. When threatened, the vine snake puffs up the front of its body and releases coloration under its scales; for camouflage, it swings from side to side like branch of a tree

Fang Facts:
© Chaitanya Shukla
It is a common and untrue myth that these snakes peck at the eyes of people to blind them
It has sharp rear fangs
The vine snake is a slow-moving predator and mildly venomous. The snake captures prey by crawling into nests and seizing young; it then constricts prey and poisons it with its venom
Within the branches of trees, the vine snake is almost indistinguishable from foliage and vines
The taxonomy of vine snakes is not well documented, and literature varies widely, but there are 8 commonly accepted species in the genus Ahaetulla . . . .

Günther's Vine Snake or Indian Bronzeback, Ahaetulla dispar (Günther, 1864
- Speckle-headed Whipsnake, Ahaetulla fasciolata (Fischer, 1885)
Burmese Vine Snake, Ahaetulla fronticincta (Günther, 1858)
Malayan Green Whipsnake, Ahaetulla mycterizans (Linnaeus, 1758)
- Long-nosed Whip Snake, Ahaetulla nasuta (La Cépčde, 1789)
Western Ghats Bronzeback, Ahaetulla perroteti (Duméril & Bibron, 1854)
Oriental Whipsnake or Asian Vine Snake, Ahaetulla prasina (Shaw, 1802)  
Ahaetulla prasina prasina (Boie, 1827)
Ahaetulla prasina medioxima (Lazell, 2002)
Ahaetulla prasina preocularis (Taylor, 1922)
Ahaetulla prasina suluensis (Gaulke, 1994)
- Brown-speckled Whipsnake, Ahaetulla pulverulenta (Duméril & Bibron, 1854)
Mildly Venomous. Not lethal
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